"Already educated by de Dresdner Sprengschule to work with (P2) pyrotechnical safety cartridges? Than you are also officially allowed to work with AutoStem" Please contact us or the Dresdner Sprengschule GmbH for any further information.

Yours sincerely,
Marnes Bekamp.

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Quarry, boulder breaking

No Stemming | No Fly-Rock | 30m clearance only. | With AutoStem

Riverbed, stone splitting

No noise pollution | No Fly-Rock | Useable in sensitive and ecological surroundings. | With AutoStem

Breaking oversized boulders

No Stemming | No Fly-Rock | Safe, quick and cost effective! | With AutoStem


Promotional video of the most innovative safety cartridge there is! | With AutoStem

Underwater Demolition

The AutoStem cartridges are suited for all underwater applications. | With AutoStem

Solid Breaking Solutions

Demonstration video breaking reinforced concrete without stemming. That’s real power combined with the best safety! Switch to AutoStem, save time and money! | With AutoStem

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